Men’s Dress Shirts Details from Mensusa

Over the last 50 years, men’s dress shirts has been considering as a major inner dress for all the men’s garments including suits, tuxedos and other dresses. This is the exact reason for the forward going of shirts in the market with plenty of styles, designs, patterns and colors. No mens are having suits and tuxedos in their wardrobe without having dress shirts. Whether you like tuxedos with tie or anything else, Shirts are an important dress material to fulfill your dress code.

Mensusa Dress Shirts

Mensusa Dress Shirts

The style of a dress shirt depends on the taste of wearer. For a casual look, you should wear a shirt which has collar with down button, left chest pocket, cuffs with one button and solid front, on the other hand you should wear a pocket less shirt which has collar with turned-down point and French cuffs to get a formal look.

Shirts Collar

Collar of a dress shirt is the most significant style, because of its ability to flatter a man’s face. The lowest formal shirt is the shirt which has button-down collars. They seem to be excellent without wearing tie. It gives more support to blazers, sport coat etc.

Shirt Cuffs

Most of the shirts have barrel cuffs which gives good look to a man in all occasions. In market single button cuffs are very famous, but two or three buttons are available in the market.

Shirt Pockets

Pockets on the left chest of a shirt give nice look to you when you wear it without tie and jackets. The other advantage of keeping pocket is, you can keep a nice looking pen that can tell others that you are a professional and sophisticated person.

Dress Shirts from Mensusa

In mensusa they have an excellent collection of dress shirts with tremendous styles, patter, color which helps you to select your own model. The main reason for you to purchase suits, tuxedos and other dress accessories from them is that, they will return our outfits with full refund if you don’t have 100% satisfaction.


Top Five Reasons why Women like Men in Tuxedos

Top Five Reasons why Women like Men in Tuxedos

I am going to tell the 5 reasons why women like men in Tuxedos, We always think that we look handsome in formal dresses but actually if you want to be noticed by a girl just wear tuxedos. You might feel more comfort in jeans and shorts but if you are willing to impress your GF, wear tuxedos or suits.

The Top 5 Reasons are given as,

  1. Style
  2. Mens always look so stylish in tuxedos. There is no need for you to be a star actor to have that particular indescribable something in your air if you are in tuxedos.

  3. Confidence
  4. Another important thing you have to notice that girls aren’t just attracted to your look while you are in jean and shorts and if you wear tuxedos it may create a confident to us that can’t express by words. That confident is essential for every person to get success.

    Mensusa Tuxedos Pants

  5. Maturity
  6. Opposite to what you thing, wearing jeans and jersey won’t give you a teenager look if you are forty or forty-five. If you wear tuxedos, women can think that you are matured person who know all the ways to lead a success life. Because women always need permanent things (stability and success) and not a temporary thing (style and youth look). So be proud to wear tuxedos in all the occasions.

  7. Grooming
  8. My GF once informed me that the vital factor she is aware about a man is whether he is well groomed. Men usually let themselves go a bit and grooming occupies an important position in everyday casuals, but they are much more cautious about it when they are dressed in formals. And that entire additional attempt shows!

  9. Its different
  10. You wear the same old jeans and stuff every day. And we think you look good, honestly. We like it when you’re just chilling out and being yourself.
    But looking at you in a suit one fine day after weeks and weeks of the same pair of jeans, it’s like bam! You’re a different guy. Women start to think that there might be unplumbed depths in you after all.
    You use the same old jeans and shorts every day. And we think you look excellent. We like it when you are just cooling out and being yourself.
    But looking at you in tuxedos one excellent day after several weeks of the same jeans, it’s like bam! You’re a special guy. Girls begin to think that there might be unplumbed absolute depths in you after all.