Tips for selecting tuxedos

Several style and colors of tuxedos are available in mensusa. The difficult task is to choose the right one.

The main aspects to be considered while choosing are cost, relieve, comfort ability to breath, opposition to wrinkles.

Mensusa white tuxedos

Mensusa white tuxedos

White tuxedos shirt:

            This is most admired and provides a perfect professional appears. It can be used as a formal wear, office wear and for social events. More over white is an ideal match for any color tie, vest and shoes. Any color tuxedos coat and pants will be suitable for this. Variety of styles and materials will be found in white.

Black tuxedos shirt:

            Next most popular shirt suitable for any kind of events can be used with solid black shirt or stripped shirt. In the stripped shirt thin pin point white stripes will be available. This will be vertically stripping down. Material will be cotton and polyester.

Blue tuxedos shirt:

            Even though it’s not a most popular shirt this is perfect with midnight blue tuxedos and dark blue tie and gives a stylish look.

Ivory shirt:

            This is a best replacement for white shirt also available in wide range and style.

Pink shirt:

            This is in advance to reach the popularity which suits the party and summer, makes it energetic.

Mensusa offers all the kinds of suits and shirts at discount rate in this holiday season.


Mensusa Suits vs Tuxedos


            A Suit is a set of apparel created from same fabric and includes a coat and pants. A suit is perfect for official events and is mostly worn at perform during the day.


            A tuxedo (or tux) is a way of supper coat, different from an official suit and more appropriate for semi-formal night activities or dark tie activities.

Source of Suits and Tuxedos

The early Seventeenth millennium saw a fashion change from intricate stitched outfits to easier outfits of the Regency period which in turn soon provided way to formal use of the Victorian times. The 1800s presented the lounge suit. The phrase suit is resulting from French suite meaning following and from some Late Latin derivative form of the Latin word “sequor” which means “I follow” since garments making up the suit, like coat, pants and waistcoat, adhere to each other and are created from same fabric content.

Henry Poole created a night coat for Prince of Wales to be used on his journey to Sandringham in 1860. James Potter from Tuxedo Park saw the prince in 1886 and invested a few days with him. There he had a night coat padded from Henry Poole & Co. Potter’s coat was a hit with his friends from Tuxedo Park Club in NY. They started to wear the coat and it soon got to be known as the Tux in The United States.

Suits and Tuxedos from mensusa

            Suits and Tuxedos of mensusa have excellent fitting and wide varieties of design and color. For all our functions and meetings, mensusa coats and garment materials are always better. They deliver our orders before our estimated date without any damage to the outfits.